About ITCA

As a trade association composed of producers and users of caramel colors and related trade associations, the International Technical Caramel Association (ITCA) focuses its efforts on the stewardship and safety of caramel colors and promoting the development of their production, processing, and use. Initially established in 1976, ITCA continues to serve as a voice for the caramel color industry by collaborating with related organizations and associations on issues pertaining to caramel color, conducting scientific research to support the safe use of caramel colors, and engaging in public communications that demonstrate the results of those studies.

ITCA Member Organizations

Aipu Food Industry, Co., Ltd
The Coca-Cola Company
DDW, a part of Givaudan
Fabrica Justo
Ingredion Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Japan Caramel Industrial Association
San Soon Seng Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Sethness Roquette

Interested in Becoming an ITCA Member?

ITCA offers organizations with a vested interest in caramel color applications and associated regulations to join as a non-paying associate member for one year. ITCA hopes this unique opportunity will encourage additional groups to join ITCA in its important work in supporting the caramel color industry. Associate members are eligible to participate in ITCA general membership meetings and conference calls at no cost during their introductory year. At the end of that calendar year, associate members can decide whether they wish to join ITCA as a full member. Want more information? Send an email to info@caramelfacts.org.

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